Asha Nirasha Mawu - Guitar Chords

Artist - Victor Rathnayake
Song - Asha Nirasha Mawu
 Beat - 4/4 (Swing)
 Key - E Minor

Another beautiful Song By  Victor Rathnayake. I love the walking bass pattern used in this Sinhala Song.
This song is played in swing rhythm.Swing beat is commonly used in jazz -influenced music.In Swing rhythm some notes with equal written time values are performed with unequal durations, usually as alternating long and short.

In most styles of music that use swing rhythm, the music is written with straight eighth notes, with an implicit understanding that eighth notes should be played with swing feel. Swing rhythms are sometimes notated using dotted eighth notes followed by sixteenth notes.
Listen to the Swing feeling.  

In verseYou can replace  B major by  C major7th chord.(and you can add G major in first line bitween E minor and A minor...mmmm Yummy There are endless chord variations I can use in this song)

In shuffle rhythm, the first note in the pair is exactly twice the duration of the second note. In swing the division is inexact, and varies depending on factors such as how fast or slow the music is, on the genre of music, or the individual tastes of the performer, from almost equal (typically at fast tempos) to almost shuffle (typically at slow tempos).
Keep Swinging!!