Asurin Mideela Guitar Chords (Priya Sooriyasena)

Artist - Priya Sooriyasena
Song - Asuren Midela
Beat - 4/4
Key - A Major

Asurin Midela guitar Chords|Sinhala Song Chords

This song is played in A major.Note that there is a diminished chord in the verse.

Read how to build diminished chords.

Look at the following diagram to see how the C diminished chord is played.

C Diminished Chord|Sinhala Song Chords

This is not a diminished 7th chord,but if  it's difficult to play you can try the diminished 7th.It's little bit easier to play.

There are lot of other ways to play C diminished chord,but the first version is the one played  in the original.
Asurin Midela Chord Sheet|Sinhala Song Chords

Guitar tab for the solo is available now.
Asurin Mideela Guitar Tab