Mage Punchi Rosa Male Guitar Chords

Artist - Amarasiri Pieris
Song - Mage Punchi Rosa Male
Key - Dminor
Beat - 3/4
Lyrics by Dhammika Bandara

This song is based on a story of  popular singer Mervin Perera.It says about a love for a young girl by an old man.

This song contains few sustain chords and C added 9th and C 7th. Anyway you can replace A sus4 with D minor.You can switch from A sus4 to D minor alternatively,Use your own style.

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Chords sheet of Mage Punchi Rosa Male

Don't be scared to sus chords.They are easy to play.
Study following diagrams to learn how to play added and sustain chords in this song.

A Sus4th Chord

D Sus4th Chord

C add9th Chord

C 7th Chord
  Guitar tab for this Sinhala song is now available.
Mage Punchi Rosa Male Guitar Tab
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