Atha Dilisena Hiru Sandu Guitar Chords

Song - Atha Dilisena Hiru Sandu
Artist - H.R. Jothipala
Key - Am
Beat - 4/4

As you know One of the oldest and the most popular Bollywood actor, Rajesh Khanna passed away yesterday (18/7/2012).

So today I thought to bring you the chords of an old hit.The original song "Mere Sapnon Ki Rani" is from classic bollywood movie Aradhana starring Rajesh Khanna & Sharmila Tagore.Music is directed by S.D Burman.Original Song is played in B minor.
H.R.Jothipala & Anjaleen Sung this song in A minor with Sinhala Lyrics.

Watch Original Song "Mere Sapnon ki Rani"