Guitar Tabs

Sinhala guitar tabs collection.
Guitar pro files are also provided for each song. Guitar tab is a new concept for most of the Srilankan guitar players.It's a notation system for guitar.  

Asurin Mideela Guitar Tab

Daiwayogayakin Nowedo Guitar Tab

Diganthaye -Rookantha Guitar Tab

Digu Desa Dutuwama - Guitar Tab

Lassana Gammane - Guitar Tab

Ra Ahasin - Kasun Kalhara Guitar Tab 

Ra Tharakawo - Guitar Tab

Malata Bambareku se Guitar Tab

Mal Pita Mal Guitar Tab 

Ma Nisa Oba - Guitar Tab 

Mage Punchi Rosa Male - Guitar Tab 

Ratakin Eha - Guitar Tab

Sande Oba - Guitar Tab

Sanda Ona (Masha) - Guitar Tab

Sihina Lowak - Guitar Tab 

Sulanga Nuba Wagei - Guitar Tab 

Sudu Rosai Muhuna Pura - Guitar Tab 

Many, many Sinhala songs are being added everyday to our database and great collection of Sinhala songs are available already. If you are looking for Sinhala guitar chords, Sinhala guitar tabs or video lessons on how to play Sinhala songs is the ultimate source .

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