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Heenayaki Mata Adare Guitar Chords with Lyrics

Artist - Kasun Kalhara & Uresha Ravihari
Song - Heenayaki Mata Adare
Movie - Adaraneeya Wassanaya
Key - Am
Beat - 4/4

 You can learn how to play C major 7th and F major 7th chords with  following diagrams.

Adara Mal Wala Guitar Chords

Song - Adara Mal Wala
Artist - Kasun Kalhara & Indrachapa Liyanage
Key - Dm
Beat - 3/4

Adara mal wala is the first song sung by duo Indra chapa and kasun kalhara to reach a hit song to Sri lankan fans world wide. Putting togeather a combination of sri lankas most powerfull voices into one song could not deny that it deserved its place at the top of the charts. This song portrays the nature of love and the beauty of one being in love. – The colour of love, one can only describe, there is no colour like love-

Sanda Ona (Masha) Guitar Tab for the Lead Part

Hi there,
This is the guitar tab for the song "Masha" by Kasun Kalhara.Harmony parts are played on two guitar lines.
But I have arranged it for one guitar and omitted some harmonies.
I have created a guitar pro file not only for the lead part but also for rhythm guitar,bass guitar and for drums.So you can use it as a backing track  while you are playing the lead part.

Ra Ahasin - Kasun Kalhara

You will need guitar pro software to open the guitar pro file.

Song - Ra Ahasin
Artist - Kasun Kalhara
Album - Romantic Opera
Beat - 4/4
Key - E minor