Daiwayogayakin Nowedo - Victor Rathnayake

Artist - Victor Rathnayake
Song - Daiwayogayakin Nowedo
Beat - 4/4
Key - G Major

Today we are going to learn  one of the greatest Sinhala songs that is best suited for Guitar.
All the chord sheets and guitar tabs are included in a compressed file as in earlier posts. 
I've also included a guitar pro file in it.
Here is the guitar tab for introduction and interlude.There are lot of pull offs and hammer ons in this part.

Here are the chords.

In the Interlude of the Original Song  E minor 7th and C major 7th are played  instead of Em and C major.
Here is a slightly different version of chords including the Em7 & C maj7 in interlude.There are additional two chords (A minor and F majo) in the chorus.
Hope you like this version!

Daiwayogayakin Nowedo Guitar tab