Ma Nisa Oba - Guitar tab

Hello Firends,

I was away from the blog for a while  having a viral fever so I couldn't publish a new post for  few days.
This is the guitar tab for the lead part of the song "Ma nisa Oba" by Milton  Mallawarachchi.It isn't a single melody line.It contains few harmonies and string skipping notes.So it will require some amount of technical proficiency to play this.I suggest you to use finger-picking for this melody.

  1. Last B note on G string can be played in Open B string.
  2. I've provided a guitar pro file which will be very helpful.Use speed training tool in guitar pro.

I will post a video lesson soon.So you can find out the exact fingering I'm using.

Guitar pro file  and guitar chords sheet are included in following link.

Go here to see the video lessson
Ma nisa Oba - Guitar Tab