Etha Epita Hima Kanden Guitar Chords

Artist - Clarence Wijewardena
Song - Etha Epita Hima Kanden
Beat - 3/4
Key - C Major

Hello  Friends,
Thank you very much for the comments and emails you sent us for our new video lesson.We hope to bring you more of those kind of basic lessons that will help beginners to play Sinhala songs.
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Today we are going to learn a simple but very beautiful song by  Clarence Wijewardena.

This song contains only 3 chords.(C major,F Major & Bb Major)

 Here I've illustrated how to play C major,F Major & Bb Major.

C Major 

 F Major 

 Bb Major

In next video lesson I will be teaching you a simple 3/4 strum pattern which can be used to play this song as well as other songs in 3/4 rhythm and other major chords which are not covered from lesson 1.

Download Chord sheet (bar system) & chords with lyrics of
Aetha Epita Hima Kanden