Interactive Youtube Guitar Chord Library-Major Chords

Hey there,
Are you a beginner  and don't know how to play guitar chords?
For the first time in the world presents you an interactive Youtube guitar chord library.

This video is produced using youtube annotations.Please wait until the video is fully loaded.
You can press any key to find out how to play particular chord.
I believe this guitar chord library is very useful for beginners.If you want to know how to play any chord or in the case you forget any chord You can load this video and easily find out how to play it.

We will introduce you minor chords in next video!
I've spent nearly 48 hours of video editing and finally come up with this video.
A big thank goes to Asanka who helped me in producing this video!
I think that any beginner will learn all the basic major chords with this tool with a minimum amount of time.
Hope you enjoy it.Have fun!

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