Kimada Nawe Guitar Chords

Download Guitar Chords of  Kimada Nawe By Clarence Wijewardane
Artist - Clarence Wijewardena
Song - Kimada Nawe Ay Nawe
Beat - 4/4
Key - G Major

This song is sung by Clarence Wijewardena and Lankika Perera.This song is in 4/4 rhythm and contains few simple chords.

Chords in bars.

Here I've illustrated all the chords played in this song.

      G Major

 D Major

  C Major 

 D 7th

 A Minor
Clarence Wijewardane is the father of Sinhala Pop music. He revolutionized Sinhala music by pioneering the use of Electric Guitar. He formed his first band 'Moonstones' with Annesley Malewana managed by Vijaya Korea at the age of 21. In 1968 they released their debut album 'Mango Nanda' under Philips label.
Clarence left Moonstones in 1970 and in 1971 he formed 'Golden Chimes' with Chanaka Perera and Lankika Perera. Their first song 'Kimada Naawe' became an instant hit.

In 1972, Clarence joined with the lead guitarist, maestro Dixon Gunaratne and formed 'Super Golden Chimes' and continued to make music until 1979, when he embarked on a solo career. Clarence composed a lot of songs for other artists such as Milton Mallawarachchi, Priya Suriyasena etc. He also directed music for a number of films. He composed over 1000 songs, but 40% of them has not been released.

Clarence died on the 13th December 1996 at the age of 53 from Cirrhosis of the liver. Most of his songs are considered classics and are played at every music circle in Sri Lanka today even after a few decades