Mandaram Andura Madin Guitar Chords

Artist - Krishantha Erandaka
Song - Mandaram Andura Madin
Beat - 8/6
Key - D Minor
Lyrics by Gayaman Disanayake and music by Rohana Weerasinghe.

This song contains B diminished chord in interlude.Diminished chords are dissonant and unstable.They give a feeling of incompleteness.They usually ends up with half step up major chord or the relative minor of that major chord .Usually we don't stay on them too long.

There are 3 types of diminished chords.

Diminished Chord - 1 b3 b5
Half Diminished 7th -  1 b3 b5 b7
Full Diminished7th -  1 b3 b5  bb7

C Diminished Chord      C - Eb - Gb
C Diminished 7th (Half) C - Eb - Gb - Bb
C Diminished 7th (Full)  C - Eb - Gb - A

If this is geek to you Don't worry just play the chord. :) There are lot of ways to play B dim chord.But I think this shape is the easiest way to play in this occasion considering the neighboring D minor and Bb Chords.