Ratakin Eha Guitar Chords

Artist - Priya Sooriyasena
Song - Ratakin Eha
Beat - 4/4
Key - A Major

Music by Clarence Wijewardane
This song was backed by The Super Golden Chimes and released under Gemtone Record Label by Visakamals.
In Older version intro and interlude chords are different than the new version and in there is no arrangement before the beat(drums) begins.
Chords for the original version of the song.The only difference is D major is replaced by G major in Intro and interlude.I love the old saxophone part that makes the difference.

In verse you can replace B minor with F# minor.

New version.
Here I've Included the chords sheet of this song.Click on each image to view them in full size.

Original Version                                         New Version