Strumming Lesson - 4/4 Rhythm

 Some of you requested me to do a strumming lesson.Most of the Sinhala songs can be played knowing some simple strumming patterns in 4/4,3/4 and 6/8 .Today we are going to learn a simple 4/4 strumming pattern.
I'm not the one who is doing the lesson today.I'm going to introduce you a cool guitarist from US.He is David Sawlon.

He is a simple man.As David says of himself ""I've been playing guitar for over forty years now and still love it!""

We became friends in youtube and I asked him to do some guitar lessons for my site.He accepted my request and this is his first lesson in
David is going to teach you a simple strumming pattern.He is using few easy chords in this video.Don't get scared of names of the chords.It's nice to know some extended and added chords apart from the basic major and minor chords.I will teach you how to build different chords in a separate theory lesson.For now play what David shows.
He gives some special tips when switching between chords.One of the major problems beginners have when playing guitar is that they can't keep the rhythm while changing the chords.As David shows You can strum the notes of some strings on the last stroke while changing the other fingers so you don't have to break the flow of the rhythm.

Here are the chords used in this guitar lesson.

G Major

C add9
E minor
D6th add9/F#
You won't find this one in a chord book.It's very beautiful yet it has very easy fingering.

This is one of his youtube videos.

Please give a warm welcome to David for doing a lesson for us.

Thank you again David.