Technique in Guitar Playing

Technique, by the way, is a word you hear all the time in relation to playing an instrument. It really means "what you do, and how you do it, to get what you want". Of course "how you do what you do" makes all the difference in the world when it comes to playing the guitar.
We want good technique, which means we get what we want from the guitar in the most economical, effortless manner, with a minimum of stress produced on the playing mechanism, that is, the parts of the body used to play the guitar. Good technique is like a racing car, finely tuned to make every motion in the best possible way, to maximize performance. Bad technique is like well,you figure it out!It's important to realize that when you see a good player do something you can't do, it's not because they have talent and you don't. It is because they are doing it differently than you are. You may lose control at a certain speed, and not know it's because you are allowing tension in your shoulder, which makes it impossible to have control of the fingers. The person you are watching play it well is very relaxed. He has already paid attention to this tension and gotten rid of it. His inner experience is totally different than yours. If he were doing it the way you are, he wouldn't be able to do it either! I firmly believe that anyone can learn to play the guitar as well as they want to, if they have the correct information and use the correct approach.