Strumming Lesson - 4/4 Strum Pattern for Slow Songs - (16th notes)

This time David is going to show us another strumming pattern.This pattern can be used for slow 4/4 songs.
(eg: Sithin Ma Nosali by T.M Jayarathne)
David is using G major and C add 9 in first example.Then he uses E minor 7th and A major.I think it's not needed to show you the chord diagrams as you can see his left hand clearly.
Once you get the rhythm down practice it with  few chord progressions.

In 4/4 rhythm quarter notes(1/4) can be counted as "1 2 3 4"
8th notes  can be counted as   "1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and"
Note that we have introduced "and" between each count.
When it comes to 16th notes we count it as
"1-e-and-a 2-e-and-a 3-e-and-a 4-e-and-a"

Usually we use 16th notes in slow songs.

Strum pattern goes as follows.

1 e and a     2 e and a       3 e and a      4 e and a
D                D      D U          U  D          D U D U

D- Downstroke
U -Upstroke

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