Key Signatures of Sinhala Songs (Athma Liyanage)

 If you are asked to play a song of which you don't know the chords you can play it instanly if you know the key of the song  and if you have a little trained ear.So I thought it will be useful to post key signatures of Sinhala Songs.Once you know the key signature you can try to identify the chords being played in the song.It will be a good ear training exercise.
But Don't  worry I'm not going to stop posting chords of Sinhala songs :)

Here is a list of songs by Athma Liyanage ,I have already posted the chords of Liyathambara Song.If you need the full set of chords of any song,Please make a request using facebook  or blogger comment system,I will try to complete the requests as soon as possible

Penena Nopenena - D Minor
Samanaliya - G major
Sihina Lowe - A minor
Ranabima Ada dinna G - minor
Epa Kadulal Sala - E minor
Dunna Kaduwa Athata aran - D major
Bindi giya senehe - C minor
Baray Deyyo - A major
Mal Sina - D major
Maali Sihina Kumari - D minor
Awwe Yana Aganunne - E major
Kanda Udin - G Major
Ra Andure - E minor
Kadu Pamula Sita - E major (song starts on A major)
Ra Ahase - D minor
Liyathambara - D minor