Digu Desa Dutuwama Guitar Chords

Artist - Romesh Sugathapala
Song - Digu Dasa Dutuwama
Beat - 4/4
Key - A Minor
Lyrics by Nandana Wickramage

This song is very beautiful,but personally I don't like the original music video.(anyway it's not our business ;)

This song contains few added chords.F major 7th is relatively easy to play.Ab augmented chord is not essential, it's there as there is a passing note  from G major to A minor chord. You can omit that if you find it difficult.

(දිගු දෑස දුටුවාම .....හැගෙනවා පෙර සේම)

F major 7th
 Ab Augmented Chord

Little tip
In verse try F 6th instead of D minor

Digu Desa Dutuwama Guitar Tab - Intro