Oba Mage Wela Guitar Chords

Artist - Kushani Sandareka & Mangala Pradeep
Song - Oba Mage Wela ( Dehadak Adaren Theme Song)
Key - Am
Beat - 4/4

This song is the theme song of the Dehadak Adaren Teledrama.It's a great song composed by Mangala Pradeep.Chord work of this song is very beautiful.It contains many added chords.Anyway   if you are uncomfortable with the new chords you can omit them & replace them with their simple major and minor chords.

 Ab Augmented Chord

G added 9th Chord

A minor 6th Chord

D minor 6th Chord

You can also try G 6th chord instead of simple G major chord in the chorus and F major 7th for Simple F major,But I didn't include them otherwise it will make a mess in the chord sheet.