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Browse our database ! You will find step by step instructions on how to master Sinhala guitar music.

Guitar Chords
Here you can get all the lyrics, chords for chorus, verse, intro and interlude all in one piece of paper. What I would recommend, is to print them all out and file them neatly and have them on standby all ready for you to entertain the crowd.
Chord sheets are also provided which will be very useful for bass and rhythm guitar players in local bands. All the chords and chord sheets can be downloaded by a single link provided in the each post.

Video Lesson
Video Lessons come in two parts . First they are performed on guitar at normal speed, then they are slowed down, to show you exactly how they are played .
Follow the instructor's hands step by step as he plays each song.

ගිටාර් පන්තිය
Guitar lessons in Sinhala language

Guitar Tabs
Guitar tab is a new concept for most of the Srilankan guitar players.It's a notation system for guitar.You can find a collection of sinhala guitar tabs in this section.Guitar pro files are also provided for each song.You can learn about guitar tabs in ගිටාර් පන්තිය

Sinhala Midi Tracks
Sinhala midi tracks are useful when playing in One-man ,or two piece bands.They are also useful when you can't find a karoke track for a sinhala song.I have a huge collection of sinhala midi files in my computer.Some of them are created by me.I thought that it will be useful if I share these midi files with you.But don't use these midi files for commercial use.

Many, many Sinhala songs are being added everyday to our database and great collection of Sinhala songs are available already. If you are looking for Sinhala guitar chords, Sinhala guitar tabs or video lessons on how to play Sinhala songs is the ultimate source .

-Trust me! Learning a little CAN take you far-
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Vinod Saranga is a medical student studying in the final year of the medical faculty of the university of colombo.He has been teaching guitar for few years specially through online video lessons,parallel to his studies.
He is a guitar instructor in website which was founded by Swedish guitarist Kristofer Dahl.He has published several guitar lessons there.There are a lot of sites that provide guitar tabs and guitar chords for English songs. However there are very few sites developed in Srilanka in this topic.This Site was a dream struck in his mind throughout his career as a guitarist The purpose of this site is to provide very accurate guitar chords and guitar tabs for Sinhala songs.


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