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Penena Nopenena Guitar Chords (Ayemath Adaren)

Song - Penena Nopenena Duraka Idan (Ayemath Adaren)
Artist - Athma Liyanage
Key - Dm
Beat - 4/4
Music - Thilina Ruhunage
Lyrics - Rachitha Vakistav

Midi Track is also available for this song.

Epa Kandulel Sala Guitar Chords

Artist - Athma Liyanage
Song - Epa Kandulel Sala
Key - E minor
Beat - 4/4

This song is very easy one to play.It contains only 4 chords.

Key Signatures of Sinhala Songs (Athma Liyanage)

 If you are asked to play a song of which you don't know the chords you can play it instanly if you know the key of the song  and if you have a little trained ear.So I thought it will be useful to post key signatures of Sinhala Songs.Once you know the key signature you can try to identify the chords being played in the song.It will be a good ear training exercise.
But Don't  worry I'm not going to stop posting chords of Sinhala songs :)

Here is a list of songs by Athma Liyanage ,I have already posted the chords of Liyathambara Song.If you need the full set of chords of any song,Please make a request using facebook  or blogger comment system,I will try to complete the requests as soon as possible

Liyathambara Guitar Chords

Artist - Athma Liyanage
Song - Liyathambara
Key - D minor
Beat - 4/4
Lyrics Rohana Jayasinghe

This song was a popular hit in 1980-1990. Liyathambara was one of the most ground breaking Sinhala songs in it's period. Athma brought to the era a new unheard beat style and composition style never heard before. This song boosted his career and created new ground for further more new-age/Sinhala styled musicians.
There are few chords in this song.So it will be a easy song for you to play.
There is a F major chord in the verse in sunflower version of this song.So I included it.